Type "help command" for more information about a 
particular topic. For example, if you want to learn how
to use the @teleport command, type "help @teleport".
The following is a list of the available commands: 


say, emote, look, read, examine, inventory, drop, get, 
give, quit, home, who, where, finger, sign, help, motd, 
welcome, whisper, page, mail, bb, @wall, @dig, @doing, 
@users, @create, @stats, @set, @describe, @name, @chown, 
@pcreate, @password, @teleport, @link, @open, @action, 
@fail, @ofail, @success, @osuccess, @drop, @odrop, @zone, 
@lock, @backlinks, @boot, @clean, @find, @recycle, @toad, 
@shutdown, @dump, @rows, @gag, @ungag, @away, @holler, 
@poll, @garbage, @reload, @from, @clone