Also known as "the poor man's @wall", this command behaves exactly like
@wall, except that anybody may use it.  However, those not wishing to
listen to a bunch of people hollering like a bunch of gibbons may set the
'noholler' flag on themselves.  You may not use the @holler command if you
are indeed set 'noholler'.  It's only fair.


@holler What's a gibbon, anyhow?
Spatch hollers, "What's a gibbon, anyhow?"

@holler :screams like Tarzan!
In front of the entire MUD: Spatch screams like Tarzan!

@holler ..Jane Aaaaaaauuuuuuaaaaaaooooooh!
Spatch hollers (to Jane), "Aaaaaaauuuuuuaaaaaaooooooh!"

See also: @wall