The say command is used to speak to other players in the room. 
If your text ends with a ? sign or a ! sign, an appropriate verb 
will be used. If your text beings with a : it will be treated as 
a directed emote ("help emote"). Also, the "saymode" field can change
how your speech appears to you ("help saymode").

say hi there!
You say, "hi there!"
"hi there!
You say, "hi there!"
..troc do you have any more cookies?
You say (to troc), "do you have any more cookies?"
..inky :waves!
Yourname poses (to inky): Yourname waves!
.."everyone but Bob" Good morning.
You say (to everyone but Bob), "Good morning."
..B. Boo!
You say (to Bob), "Boo!"