The @recycle command is used to recycle (destroy) an object, reclaiming 
the space to be reused by a new object. The object will be moved to a 
special holding room, and will have a flag set on it to indicate that 
it's to be destroyed at the next database dump. You can force it to be 
destroyed immediately by using the @recycle command on it again. You can 
use the @unrecycle command to save it from being destroyed.

At the time of destructions, if the object contains other objects, they 
are immediately dropped. If the object is a room, the 'noroom' is set as 
the new home of objects residing in the recycled room. If there are 
exits which lead to a recycled room, those exits are directed to room to 
the 'noroom' as well. @recycle cannot be used directly on players, but 
wizards can use @toad first to turn players into inanimate objects. Also, 
note that @recycle will not acknowledge zone exits.

Once a database dump has occurred, @recycle can no longer be undone, so 
be sure to @unrecycle anything accidentally recycle as quickly as possible.

@recycle object