There are four basic type of objects on the MUD: Players, 
Rooms, Things, and Exits. Players are things like you, and
anyone else you meet online. Rooms are like rooms in any
adventure game; they're the locations like 'Living Room' 
and 'Backyard'. Things are objects that can usually be 
carried around. Exits are commands created by you, and 
they usually take the player from one room to another.

You can type in commands to do things. Some of these commands 
are exits, like 'north' or 'enter'. Others are built-in MUD 
commands, like 'say' or '@dig'.

If you've created a room, object or exit that you don't want 
anymore, you can get rid of it with the @recycle command. If 
it's nearby, you can type "@recycle ", where  is 
the name of the thing to be destroyed. Otherwise, you can still 
type "@recycle #", where  is the number you were 
given when you created it.

[You should read either t-rooms or t-objects next.]