(Have you read "help t-concepts" yet? If not, you should 
read that first.)

When you're going to create an area, the first thing you'll 
need to do create some rooms. And the first thing you'll 
want to do when creating a new room is to go someplace like 
the Open Chamber, that you can build off of. 

When you get there, type "examine here". It should tell you 
something like:

Open Chamber #881R Owner: Jota Home: #0 builder linkok jumpok examinable

The number that comes right after the room name (in this 
case, #881) is called a 'database reference', or 'dbref' for 
short. Each player, room, thing, and exit has its own unique 
dbref. Keep track of this number, you'll need it later.

[Type "help t-rooms2" for more information.]