OK, so now you know where you're coming from. But where are 
you going? Think up a name for the room you want to create. For 
the sake of this tutorial, I'll call it 'My Place'. Create the 
room by typing "@dig My Place". You should see something like:

My Place has been created as #999.

When you do it, though, the dbref probably won't be #999. 
Remember what number it is; you'll need it for the next part.

Now that your room exists, you'll need to create a way to get 
there. You do this by creating an exit that leads to your room.
Usually, an exit will lead in a compass direction. So, find a 
compass direction that no one has claimed yet. In this example 
we'll use southwest. Type "@open southwest;sw=#999", where #999
is the dbref you saw when you did @dig. The reason for having 
the exit called southwest;sw is so that people can type either
'southwest' or 'sw' to enter your room.

[Type "help t-rooms3" for more information.]