Now that there's a way into your room, you should try it out.
Type in "southwest" (or whatever direction you used). The room 
will probably be pretty boring ("You see nothing special."), 
and there won't be any obvious exits. So let's first create a 
way out. Do you remember the dbref for the Big Dig (or whatever 
room you were in when you started)? Well, now is when you need to 
use it. First decide what direction you need to go to leave your 
room (if the entrance was 'southwest;sw', the exit should be 
'northeast;ne'). Then type "@open northeast;ne;out=#881" -- but 
use the name that you want the exit to have, and the dbref of the 
room where you started. If the entrance to your room was 'east;e', 
use 'west;w'.

Now, before we finish this part of the tutorial, you need to 
describe the room you just made. You do that by typing something 
like "@describe here=This pad is rad. The walls are red, and so's 
the bed. A bad cat wearing a cap is taking a nap on the mat, 
Jack." Make sure you don't hit enter until you reach the end of it.

[You should read "help t-exits" next. It's very important.]