There are a few (well, four) things you ought to do to any exit 
you create. These four things are called @success, @osuccess, @odrop, 
and @describe. We'll start with the easiest one, @describe.

Just about anything on the MUD can have a description -- players, 
rooms, objects, and even exits. Let's say you have a living kitchen. 
There's a hallway to the south. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to
type "look south", and see "You look down the hall, but don't see
anything interesting."? All you need to do is type "@describe south=
You look down the hall, but don't see anything interesting." Or if 
you're at the base of a mountain, and a path leads up, you might type
"@describe up=The path looks steep and dangerous, but you could 
probably manage it."

The @success message on an exit is shown to the person who is using 
the exit. In the case of the mountain path, you might do something
like "@success up=You begin the arduous climb up the mountainside."
The @success message is only seen by the person using the exit.

[Type "help t-exits2" for more information.]