(Have you read "help t-concepts" yet? If not, you should 
read that first.)

This section describes how to make and use objects. You've 
probably seen a number of object lying around the MUD. Well, 
you can create your own! Let's say you want an apple. Then you 
just need to type "@create apple", and an object called 'apple' 
will appear in your inventory. Next, you should give your object 
a description. In the case of the apple, you might type 
something like "@describe apple=It's big and big, and it looks 
sweet and juicy." Make sure you don't hit enter until you 
finish typing the description.

Now, you should probably replace the boring messages that are shown 
when people pick up and drop objects. Instead of 'Jota dropped ming 
vase.', wouldn't you like to see 'Jota gently set the ming vase on 
the ground.'? Well, there are four messages that are used for these 
sorts of things, and they're called @succ, @osucc, @drop, and @odrop.

[Type "help t-objects2" for more information.]