The @success message is shown to a person when he/she picks up 
an object. You set this message by typing something like "@success
refrigerator=It takes all the strength you can muster, but you 
manage to lift it." This message will only be seen by the person 
who is picking up the object.

The @osuccess message is seen by other people in the same room when 
someone picks up an object. You set this by typing something like
"@osuccess refrigerator=almost passes out from exertion as %s picks 
up the refrigerator." The @osuccess message is not seen by the person 
picking up the object; it's only seen by the other people in the 
same room.

You may have noticed that when we set the @osuccess message, we 
didn't include any name at the beginning of the message. That's 
because whenever someone picks up an object, the MUD will 
automatically print that person's name before printing the 

[Type "help t-objects3" for more information.]