You may also notice the %s in the @osuccess. Anyplace you include %s 
in an @osuccess or @odrop, it will be replaced by 'he' or 'she'. For 
example, if gecko were to pick up the fridge, we would see 'gecko 
almost passes out from exertion as she picks up the refrigerator.' 
There are other percent substitutions available. If you use %o, it 
will appear as 'him' or 'her'. You can get a whole list of these by 
typing "help substitutions".

The @drop message is shown to a player who drops the object. This 
should look something like "@drop refrigerator=Your weary arms drop
the heavy refrigerator with a thud." This will only be seen by the
person dropping the object, not by anyone else.

The @odrop message is seen by people in the room when someone drops 
an object. You can set this by typing something like "@odrop 
refrigerator=drops the refrigerator with a thud." This message will 
not be seen by the person who's dropping the object, but it will be 
seen by the other people in the room.

[Read "help t-rooms" if you haven't. Otherwise, read "help t-locks".]