Now, if someone types "set dial to 357", it will match the second 
action, and the safe will open. If the player types "set dial to 123" 
or "set dial to 3", or any other wrong number, then it will match the
first action, and the safe will remain closed.

Notice the use of %4 in the @success message for the first action. If 
you use %4 anywhere in the @success, @osuccess, @odrop, @fail, or
@ofail of an exit with the puzzle flag set, then %4 will be replaced 
with whatever the player types in place of the wildcard. In the above
example, if the player typed "set dial to 300", he/she would see 'You 
turn the dial to 300, but nothing happens.'

In the past, you would have used %0 to match the first argument; this
first converted the argument to lower-case, which was annoying.  Use
%0 if you don't care at all (and will not output) the case of the
argument, and use %4 otherwise.

[Read "help t-nouns" if you haven't. Otherwise, read "help t-programs".]