If a room is set puzzle, then whenever anyone uses "home" or @tel 
to leave that room, that person will automatically drop everything
he/she is carrying.

If an exit is set puzzle, then that exit can parse wildcards. For example, 
if you have an exit called "type * on keyboard" that's set puzzle, the 
player can trigger that exit with the command "type Hello Sailor on 
keyboard". The wildcard is then stored in all lowercase in the %0 
substitution (in this case, "hello sailor"), and in the original capital and 
lowercase in %4 ("Hello Sailor"). You can have multiple wildcards (like 
"put * in *"), and the first one will always be %0 and %4, the second will 
be %1 and %5, the third %2 and %6, and the fourth %3 and %7. If an exit with 
this flag is called "put * in *", and the player types "put envelope in 
box", "envelope" is %0 and "box" is %1.

If an object is set puzzle, then that object will automatically be dropped 
if you ever cease to pass that object's lock. If a player is set puzzle, 
things created and renamed by that player will not automatically have 
acronyms added to their list of names.