(Have you read "help t-concepts", "help t-objects", and "help t-locks",
yet? If not, you should read them first.)

Sometimes you'll want to have an object with a name like 'red rubber
ball'. But you want the player to be able to type "get red ball" or 
"drop rubber ball". Is there a way to allow players to refer to an 
object by more than one name? Yes!

When you create the ball, use a command like "@create red rubber 
ball;red ball;rubber ball;ball". When the ball is sitting in a room
or in someone's inventory, it will only appear as 'red rubber ball'.
But the player will be allowed to call it by any of the names in the 
list ('red rubber ball', 'red ball', 'rubber ball' or just 'ball').

If you've already created an object without synonyms, but want to add
synonyms to it, use the @name command: "@name big motorcycle=big
motorcycle;motorcycle;big motorbike;motorbike;big bike;bike"

[Type "help t-nouns2" for more information.]