The following administrative commands are available,
primarily for use by wizards. 

@wall message               Sends a message to all connected players.
@stats player               Outputs statistics. Player can be omitted.
@chown object = owner       Grants an object to another player.
@pcreate name = password    Creates a new player.
@password name = password   Changes a password.
@teleport name = #location  Teleports an object.
@boot name                  Disconnects a player (for now).
@clean                      Sends nonplayers and sleeping players home
                            from this room.
@find name                  Finds objects with the specified name.
@recycle object             Recycles the specified object.
@toad player = newowner     Turns a player into a toad. There's no going back!
                            If newowner is not specified, possessions recycled.
@dump                       Writes the database to disk immediately.
@shutdown                   Shuts down the mud. Implies @dump.
@garbage                    Searches for and removes garbage objects from 
                            the MUD's database.