@paste enters paste mode. In paste mode, anything you type has a prefix
prepended, either the default prefix of ":| ", or the argument to @paste.
For example (return is hit at the end of each of the lines):
 @paste say
would be seen by the mud as
 say foo    
 say bar
@endpaste leaves paste mode
By default, a space is added to the end of the argument to @paste. This lets
things like "@paste #blah" correctly send to channel blah. If you don't like
this behavior, you can put quotes around the argument to send it exactly.
Also by default, space at the beginning of the line is trimmed. To send the 
text exactly, turn on the "pastenotrim" option (see help @options).

 @paste #peanut-gallery
 @paste 'say hi_there_'