There is now a small library of built-in verbs that can be used on
objects. Each verb has several synonyms, and there are two fields
associated with each verb: a verb field, and an overb field. For 
example, the 'eat/drink/taste' verb has an 'eat' field and an 'oeat'
field. These fields act just like @succ and @osucc. When someone 
tries to eat an object with an 'eat' field, that field will be 
displayed to the player doing the eating (or executed, if it's a 
program). If there's an 'oeat' field, then that will be displayed or 
executed (preceded by the player's name) to everyone else in the room. 
Type "help verblist" for a list of verbs and their fields:

The talk verb stores the topic in the percent-sub %2. If someone uses 
a verb on an object and that object doesn't have the associated field 
set, then the 'default' field will be printed or executed if it exists,
along with the 'odefault' field. If those fields don't exist either, a
standard message will be printed.