While you can set any fields you want on stuff, some are more 
useful than others. Here's a list of some handy ones. You can 
set any of these by typing "@field me = fieldname : Field value" or 
"@field object = fieldname : Field value". (For example: "@field 
apple=eat:You take a small bite out of the apple. It's delicious.")

     connect        rname          eat            search
     disconnect     address        wear           push 
     homemsg        plan           remove         pull
     ohomemsg       url            talk           default
     doing          game           turnon         saymode
     away           autocmd        turnoff        whomode
     varobj         bbnotify       exitto         exitmode

To get help on what a specific field is for, type "help fieldname" 
(like "help address" or "help remove"). For help setting fields in 
general, type "help @field".