Due to modifications to the MUD, it is now possible to create actions 
that can parse wildcards, by using the puzzle flag. For example, let's
consider a safe with a single dial on it. If you set the dial to the 
correct number, the safe opens. If you set it to the wrong number, it
doesn't. You can implement that easily with the puzzle flag:

@open set dial to *;turn dial to *;dial *;set knob to *;turn knob
     to *=nowhere
@set set dial to *=dark
@set set dial to *=puzzle
@succ set dial to *=You turn the dial to %4, but nothing happens.
@osucc set dial to *=fiddles with the safe's dial, but achieves nothing.
@open set dial to 357;turn dial to 357;dial 357;set knob to 357;turn
     knob to 357=nowhere
@set set dial to 357=dark
@succ set dial to 357=You turn the dial to 357, and the safe opens!
@osucc set dial to 357=fiddles with the safe's dial, and the safe opens.

[Type "help t-verbs3" for more information.]