There's another symbol that's used in locks. The ! sign stands for
NOT. If I type "@lock Austin=!*gecko", then anyone but gecko will be 
able to pick up Austin. You can also use parentheses along with the |, 
&, and ! signs, to group things together.

The locks on doors work in exactly the same way as the locks on objects.
If you don't pass the lock, you will not be able to walk through the 
exit. Let's say you have a magical door to the north that will 
automatically open for gecko. Anyone else, though, needs to be carrying 
a special gold key. First you need to "@create gold key", and then you 
can type "@lock north=*gecko|gold key". From them on, gecko can walk 
through the door at will, but anyone else will need to be carrying the
gold key.

You can also remove the lock on an object or exit by typing "@lock 
Austin=" or "@lock north=". If you do this, then anyone will be able to
pick up Austin or walk north.

[Type "help t-locks4" for more information.]