Prints the name, description, creation time, last access time, and
userlist for the given channel. Users who are channel popes have a +
before their name in the userlist, and users who are channel cardinals
have a -. If no channel name is given, instead lists just the name and topic
for all channels you are on. If the argument to @statchannel ends with a *,
it stats all channels beginning with that prefix; if not, it expects the
prefix to match exactly one channel. The argument can consist of multiple


@statchannel (Lists all the channels you are on, name and topic)
@statchannel gweep (Lists full details for "gweep", assuming it is a 
                    non-ambiguous reference)
@statchannel b* (Stats all channels starting with "b")
@statchannel foo bar baz (You can give multiple channels)
@statchannel games/ (You can give a category if you postfix it with a slash)