Here are several handy steps on claiming your apartment in Edifice Towers:

1. Pick an apartment exit that's not already taken.  To find one, consult
   the floor directory.  To really make sure, test the exit.  If it
   takes you back to the hallway (holy recursiveness!) it's available.

2. @dig a room, any room.  Call it Phil's Funky Fish Fritter Shack if you must.

3. @chown the chosen exit in the hallway to yourself.  Each numbered
   exit is chownok.  Now you can @link the exit to your newly-dug home,
   set the success and fail messages, etc. BE SURE TO @SET THE EXIT !CHOWNOK
   We also kindly request you keep the exit name the same for purposes
   of clarity and navigation.  

4. Go into the home and @open an exit back to the hallway.  The directory
   in the hallway will give you the dbref for linking.

5. Last, but quite important, go back out and sign the directory!  Let
   everybody know where you now are.  Enjoy the apartment!