This returns various time values based on the current time
of day where the MUD is being run.  It takes a single
string argument.  If the argument is:

  sec       Current seconds past the minute.
  min       Current minutes past the hour.
  hour      Current hour of the day.
  mday      Current day of the month.
  mon       Current month (0=Jan, 11=Dec)
  year      Current year - 1900.
  wday      Current day of the week (0=Sun, 6=Sat)
  yday      Current day of the year (0 = Jan 1st)
  isdst     1 if time is daylight savings, 0 otherwise

@print( "Current day is ", @add( @time( "mon" ), "1" ), "/",
    @time( "mday" ), "/", @time( "year" ) )

(Although this example isn't y2k-compliant. :-)