November 21st 2004

Source for Example Below  -  @ 01:52:45 pm EST
Here's the code for the example below. It won't work without my in development V6Lib, but it may be of interest.


September 20th 2004

Small Demo  -  @ 04:59:29 pm EDT
Now that there are more V6 + Blorb interpreters out there, here's a simple demo file for people to test. It's nothing special (it's the Platypus tutorial actually) but it has some image wrapping and animation in it. Download it here!

You may have to 'Save target' to get it to download.

October 11th 2003

Still Alive  -  @ 07:49:25 pm EDT
Just a simple update to note that I'm still around and still working on V6Lib when I have the time. Hopefully I'll have a new version finished soon.

September 11th 2002

1.1 proposal Draft 7  -  @ 05:29:55 pm EDT
Draft 7 of the "Z-Machine Standard 1.1 Proposal" is now avaliable.

September 6th 2002

New License  -  @ 05:18:41 pm EDT
The next version of V6Lib will be released under a new license. It really doesn't change much, but it is more explicit in what you can do with the library. Click below to read it, and please feel free to leave opinions on it in comments.


September 2nd 2002

V6Lib Diary ported  -  @ 01:00:06 pm EDT
I've ported all the content from the V6Lib Diary page and replaced that with a page that redirects here. It doesn't look very good in Netscape 4.x, but it's at least readable. Sorry about that, I'll try to make it a bit nicer when I have time.

I'll make the rest of the content from the old page available here, and new stuff coming soon!
Welcome!  -  @ 11:34:22 am EDT
Hello and welcome to the new V6Lib homepage. It's not much of anything yet, but it will be.

For now you can still use the old links at the side, I'll be importing the V6Lib Diary entries soon.

August 20th 2002

Resize and Return  -  @ 11:36:21 am EDT
I've got on the fly resize working nicely, and it handles things like the cursor now being off screen quite well.

I'm thinking about making methods like ZPic.Draw() return false if the interpreter can't display images, or it can't load that image to make it easier on game authors to perform an alternate action at that point.

March 16th 2002

Irregular Wrapping  -  @ 11:37:47 am EST

Screen Shot I've managed to get text wrapping aligned to irregularly shaped images working. It's a bit slow. It was a lot slower when I first wrote it, but it's better now.

It works better with smaller images, but here's a shot with a larger image to better show it off.

March 14th 2002

Word Wrapping Around Images  -  @ 10:48:43 pm EST

screen shotI've also managed to get word wrapping working around an image. So far just left justification works... but that's better than nothing.

Platypus  -  @ 11:43:43 am EST

screen shotFor you fans of Platypus, the next version of V6Lib should work just fine with it! (Yes I know the version string for inform is missing)

February 15th 2002

Animation  -  @ 12:18:35 pm EST

I've added animations to V6Lib through the class ZPicAnim. It's not done... but it works in Zip2000. Here's a simulated screen shot. The framerate under Zip2000 is about 8 fps (10 would be the max the Z-Machine could support so I'm darn close).

December 24th 2001

Line Drawing  -  @ 12:15:58 pm EST
I've added line drawing to V6Lib.
MainWin.DrawLine(YOrigin, XOrigin, YEndPoint, XEndPoint)

December 4th 2001

ZMouse Results  -  @ 12:10:05 pm EST
Infocom (Amiga)Infocom (Dos)Infocom (Mac)Dos Frotz -d5 (Amiga Mode)Dos Frotz -d3 (MCGA Mode)WinFrotz
Top Left current (read_mouse)N/A0,0unlimited (goes negative when you leave the window)1,11,11,2
Top Left last click (header)5,11,1-3, 1 (1,1 is the top left of the usable area)1,11,11,2
Bottom Right current (read_mouse) N/A 640,200 unlimited 640,400 320,200 634,395
Bottom Right last click (header) 640,204 201,641 644, 400 (640,400 is the bottom right of the usable area) 640,400 320,200 634,395
current (read_mouse) updates in real time N/A Yes Yes No No No
last click updates on ? B2 B1 B1 B1 B1
Button status updates in realtime N/A Yes Yes No No No
B1 maps to: N/A right only left left left
B2 maps to: N/A left N/A N/A N/A N/A
ZMouse Update  -  @ 11:57:19 am EST
There's a new release of ZMouse available . I'm trying to figure out a few things as far a V6 mouse support goes.

December 1st 2001

Better...  -  @ 12:14:17 pm EST

This is a bit better... I designed the art and ZWinStyle to work on a 900x600 layout. Zip 2000 is displaying 640x400. I designed the style to leave margins on the left and right if the window isn't a multiple of 900x600. It seems to work.
Whoo hoo!  -  @ 12:12:35 pm EST

I got a game up and running with some simple graphics. It's not perfect. The seams visible are actually in the image (I screwed up in PSP). I had to use perlBlorb since it's the only blorb tool I could find that supported scaling.
Zip 2000!  -  @ 12:11:29 pm EST
I was able to get Zip 2000 1.33 up and running, but I can't get 1.41 to work. At least I can try to make a test file with my own graphics now.

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